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Reach out and touch today’s technology through advanced local digital marketing solutions right here, locally with TodayLocal.net in the beautiful and growing city of Miami where you live and work. There should be no doubt that our world is changing and those who follow the path of information will rise to the top.

TodayLocal.net specializes in digital marketing for locally owned and operated businesses by working hand in hand with you to structure your company’s online marketing to achieve high performance right here, at the local level. We place a complete suite of marketing tools at your disposal to give your brand, business or service, the exposure it deserves.

There are thousands of companies in Miami. All aiming to make Google’s #1 list on a global, national, or local level. This, as many have learned, is expensive and more often than not doesn’t yield the expected results. It’s like ordering and paying for a dish that doesn’t deliver to your taste expectations. You paid for it, and you still got a meal, but it’s not the Chef’s problem you didn’t like it.

TodayLocal.net is a Miami local marketing company that provides professional marketing service to your business by working with experienced professionals whose job is more than just to get your name “out there.” Our job is to get you business!

Work 1 on 1 with a digital marketing expert who will help you get the business exposure you need, and the ROI that will matter.

“When I worked for marketing firms that took on clients to develop their online presence I understood and shared the goal of our clients and felt I was thinking ahead of what we had at our disposal. I kept running into the need for certain tools that we didn’t have, nor could we find to outsource. It made me realize the clients weren’t the only ones thinking, ‘I wish there was a company that provided what I’m looking for!’ and this is how TodayLocal.net was born. I now have the opportunity to create what the marketing world needs.” Said the President and Owner of TodayLocal.net, Daniel Gonzalez.

Meet the Man Behind the Company

Daniel Gonzalez‘ background and experience in the tricky world of online marketing has gained him local recognition as a skilled and talented visionary, with a drive for the integration of technology with marketing business practices.

An Audio Engineering graduate from SAE, North Miami, Daniel was the co-founder of Midtown Recording Studio whose credits included half-time shows for the Miami Heat. From then his trajectory has earned him a 5 years personal Google partnership, advanced skills in Social Media business management, Yext professional certification, Photoshop Special Class Instructor with 15 years experience, 15 years of high def and 3-D graphic design, web design, collaboration with the most renowned web and app tech developers in South Florida , and a robust online marketing experience serving over 100 local business customers, with a demand for his professional expertise by high profile companies in the national spotlight. With the formation of TodayLocal.net Daniel Gonzalez is bringing to South Florida the tech savvy and marketing skills that will transition local businesses to the emerging new levels of business marketing and development.

Graphic Design

Branding 101: From logo design, to brochures and business cards. Your brand deserves a unique creative direction to stand out from the rest. 

Web Design

Having a professional website is essential for success online.Custom responsive web design to fit your brand and industry. 

Social Media

Are you ready to push your brand to the forefront of Social Media.Stay in your customers feed 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. 


How easily can someone find your company online?Search optimization will ensure you are targeting the correct online audience. 

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